The Academy for Advanced Academics & Athletics

The Academy for Advanced Academics & Athletics is designed to enable elite middle school athletes (grades 5-8+) to increase their opportunities for athletic, personal, and academic development outside of the traditional middle school model.

What makes us different?

Our focus is not on athletic development alone. We focus on the development of foundational executive-functioning skills, the skills required to organize, plan, schedule, and self-regulate. Well-developed executive-functioning skills are required to ensure a lifetime of success. We focus on academic rigor and challenge our student-athletes to think, perform, and grow to a higher level.

Wrestling | Gymnastics

The philosophy of The Academy for Advanced Academics & Athletics is that every student-athlete possesses the ability to excel academically when provided with multiple opportunities to apply his personal learning style and strengths to the learning process. Direct Instruction is delivered through blended-learning techniques including real-time in-person/remote and online lessons.

The Academy for Advanced Academics & Athletics is built upon the foundation of individual research and project-based learning. The concept of project-based learning (PBL) has garnered wide support among K-12 education policy advocates and funders. PBL is viewed as an approach that enables students to develop the “21st-century competencies” — cognitive and socioemotional skills — needed for success in college and careers.[i] Student-athletes will be required to complete two multi-disciplinary independent research projects each year that will culminate with a group presentation.

CORE Program

Grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 8+

Human Relations & Organizational Behavior

Compassion, Civility & Cultural Education

Anatomy and Physiology for Elite Athletes

Latin for Vocabulary Development

Greek for Vocabulary Development

Art and Intellect

Business, Economics & Entrepreneurship

Academy Thesis Research

Preparation for High School Success

Grade 8+

High School English Literature Preparation

High School English Composition Preparation

High School Algebra & Geometry Preparation

High School Biology, Chemistry & Physics Preparation

High School U.S. & World History Preparation

Grade 8

Preparation for High School Success

Language Arts Literacy 8

Prealgebra/Geometry 8

Environmental and Life Science 8

Contemporary US & World Events 8

Grade 7

Language Arts Literacy 7

Pre Algebra 7

Physical Science 7

World History 7

Grade 6

Language Arts Literacy 6

Pre Algebra 6

Physical Science 6

World Civilizations 6

Language Arts Literacy 5

Grade 5

Mathematics 5

Environmental Science 5

Society & Community 5

Tuition Rates

Grade 8+

$5,900 per student/per year

Grades 5-8

$7,900 per student/per year


20% non-refundable down payment required.

80% balance of tuition paid monthly.

10% reduction for annual tuition paid in full.

Tuition does not include personal learning devices, personal instructional materials, transportation, food, or fees associated with extracurricular activities or travel.

Omar Feliciano, Owner / Head Coach

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Fairfield, NJ 07004
Phone: 973-715-6481
Fax: Phone: (862) 210-8046