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Anti-bullying Bill of Rights Self-Assessment

Data from the previous school year is typically required to be completed, certified and submitted via NJ Homeroom in September of each year.

Public Reporting and Review of the Grades

The NJDOE will create District and School Grade Reports (Appendix D) of the district-reported ratings for each core element for each school and for the school and district grades. The grade reports will be posted in district folders on the NJDOE Homeroom page of the NJDOE website in a PDF format that cannot be altered. Districts will be notified when the grade reports are available and the procedure for accessing them.

Districts and schools are required to post the grades as follows:

Each school must post the grade received by the school and the school district on the homepage of the school’s website.

The school district must post the grade received by the district and each school in the school district on the homepage of the school district’s website.

Districts and schools must post the grades on the websites within 10 days of the NJDOE notification that the grades are available.

Districts and schools must use the District and School Grade Reports (described above) for posting on the appropriate websites.

School district officials are required to review the school and school district grades with the BOE at a public meeting. This will provide the BOE and the public with the opportunity to learn about the district’s implementation of the ABR and address any concerns. This information can assist in the annual review of HIB prevention programs, approaches and other initiatives, as required in N.J.S.A. 18A:37-17a, and the annual review of the BOE’s HIB policy, as required in N.J.S.A. 18A:37-15c.

EVVRS (with HIB)

Report Period 1: September 1 – December 31 is typically due in January of each year

Report Period 2: January 1 to June 30 is typically due in July of each year


Report Period 1: July 1 – December 31 is typically due in January of each year

Report Period 2: January 1 to June 30 is typically due in July of each year

Important reminders for EVVRS and HIB-ITP submission:

HIB incidents that have been affirmed (i.e. found to be HIB) by the board of education/governing authority must be entered as HIB in the EVVRS and also under “Number of HIB incidents affirmed” in the HIB-ITP system.

The number of affirmed incidents in the HIB-ITP system must match the number of affirmed HIB incidents reported in the EVVRS. Please verify data in both systems.

Even if your agency has zero (0) incidents to report in the EVVRS, the chief school administrator or charter school lead person (CSA/CSLP) must certify there are no incidents to report after Report Period 1 and verify such after Report Period 2.

Even if your agency has zero (0) HIB investigations, HIB affirmed incidents (i.e. found to be HIB by the Board of Education), trainings or programs to report in the HIB-ITP data collection system, the CSA/CSLP must verify such for EACH SCHOOL prior to completing the semi-annual HIB-ITP data certification procedure after each reporting period.

The staff responsible for data entry may refer to the EVVRS User Manual or the HIB-ITP User Manual on the EVVRS Welcome Page under the heading “User Documents” for data entry and submission guidance. Staff may also email EVVRS support at with questions regarding either system.

Public Reporting

Two times each school year (between 9/1 and 1/1 and between 1/1 and 6/30), at a public hearing, the CSA must report to the BOE all acts of violence, vandalism and HIB that occurred during the previous reporting period, including the:

Number of reports of HIB;

Status of all HIB investigations;

Nature of the HIB based on the protected categories identified in N.J.S.A.18A:37-14;

Names of investigators;

Type nature of any discipline imposed; and

Any other measures imposed, training conducted or programs implemented to reduce HIB.

A link to the district’s reports to the BOE must be posted on the district’s website.

The data identified above also must be reported once during each reporting period to the NJDOE.